Bingo chat lexikon

De flesta som är aktiva online känner till vanliga förkortningar som kan göra ett mail mer personligt och lättläst. När man spelar bingo så är kontakten med andra spelare en viktig ingridiens. Genom chat rooms kan spelare lära känna varandra och till och med spela små spel samtidigt som bingon pågår. Det vanligaste är att använda sig av akronymer som är förkortningar av engelska ord och meningar. Här följer en lista på vanliga uttryck som flitigt används i bingo chat rooms.

AFACT – As far as I can tell
AFC – Away from computer
AFK – Away from keyboard
AKA – Also known as
AML – All my love
ASAP – As soon as possible
AYT – Are you there?

BBL – Be back later
B/C - Because
BB – Bye bye
BM&Y – Between me and you
BRB – Be right back
BTW – By the way

CFN – Ciao for now
CM – Chat master
CSL – Can`t stop laughing
CUA – See you around
CYL – See you later

D/L – Download
DK – Don`t know
DND – Do not disturb

EDT – Eastern daylight time
EFN – Enough for now

FTF – Face to face
FAQ – Frequently asked question
FD – Find
FFA – Free for all
FYI – For your information

G/G – Got to go
G2R – Got to run
GBFN – Goodbye for now
GJ – Good job
GLNG – Good luck next game
GN – Good night
GSOH – Good sense of humour

H&K – Hug and kiss
HAGW – Have a good weekend
HAK – Hugs and kisses
HAY – How are you?
HF – Have fun
HHOJ – Ha, ha, only joking
HIH – Hope it helps
HMP – Help me please
HORU – How old are you?
HUH – What?

IAT – I am tired
IAWTP – I agree with this post
IB – I am back
IDTS – I don`t think so
IHNI – I have no idea
ILU – I love you
ILU2 – I love you too
IMY – I miss you
INL – I am not laughing
INST – I never said that
IRT – In real time

J/J – Just joking
J/K – Just kidding
JAS – Just a second
JFF – Just for fun

KIT – Keep in touch
KFU – Kiss for you

LAFS – Laughs
LD – Later dude
LOL – Laughing out loud
LTNC – Long time no chat

MAU – Mad about you
MU – Miss you

N/A – Not available
NI – No idea
NIDWTC – No I don`t want to chat
NLI – Not logged in

OBKB – OK bye bye
OJ – Only joking
OOO – Surprised
OTB – Off to bed

PG – Pretty good
PTMY – Pleased to meet you

QQ – Quick question

RLF – Real life friend
RT – Real time

SB – Smile back
SB – Somebody
SC – Stay cool
SUS – See you soon
SWDYT – So what do you think?
SYT – See you tonight

TAY – Thinking about you
TBO – To be honest
TC – Telephone call
TCN – Take care now
TYTY – Thank you, thank you

UGBK – You gotta be kidding
UNK – You never know
UOK? - Are you OK?

VBG – Very big grin
VV – Very, very
VVF – Very, very funny
VWD – Very well done

WAM – Wait a minute
WDUS – What did you say?
WU – What`s up?

Y/W – You`re welcome
YRTB – You are the best

Tillhör: Nybörjartips för Bingo

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